Tuesday, 23 June 2009


I was dreaming about the places
You told me delightedly
Over the distance, a smile
I am trying so hard to keep.

The tower stared at me
Shining a pair of red eye
And stand a pitiful sight
A garden where only shadows
Mimic our tête-à-tête.

It has got carried away
In a piece of sand
Where your secret was written
Get washed away by the sea.

Take refuge, and rains
Smeared the bustling lights
This vague space
blurred everyone to ghostlike
And turning into speckles.

current listening:

Under the Iron Sea - Keane
Track: Hamburg Song

Thursday, 4 June 2009


Dreamt in a beehive, turned himself over
And still a beehive, his head is now too big to hide.
Came the messenger, with a loudspeaker
Handed out a parcel, inscribed with
Bold red felt marker —Thou shalt not touch!
And the meaningless sentence befell upon
He was not sorry, and so allowed the silence swell
Into a river, dividing lands and peoples.
Forgotten the pyres prepared for his own funeral
And the burning day break that promised to break the spell.
A sleep too noisy to be awake,
And a dream too absurd to be made.
How do you want me to behave?
I am turning in circles an unescapable loop.
How do you think this is possible
Echo to turn the show around Narcissus
And took over? And In the end nobody is to cry.

current listening:

Battle of the Sun - Placebo
Track: The Never-Ending Why

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

monologues - royal festival hall live intro
this is the monologue which opened the gybe! live show at the royal festival hall, london, on april 3rd 2000. transcript copied from

there is a devil in this world
and no angel will save us
our relations are sickened and damaged as this upside down world
they're turning our neighbourhoods into disneylands
they're building more prisons and doubling their patrols
at the same time miss celine dion sings love songs while our cities burn
in these times, when everything is denied us
anything is possible
but everyday stubborn clumsy beautiful ideas rot on the withering vine
all dreams fall down
failure leads to irony,
and irony smothers us with all the pastel colours of the newest retail superstores
we call for an end to this state of affairs
long live a little bit of autonomy
long live all quiet roof easels
a sort of culture can be built here
all sorts of things can happen
when and if we finally begin to refuse
we dedicate tonight's performance to quiet refusals
loud refusals and sad refusals
we dedicate it to the imminent market collapse
we dedicate it to carpenters
waitresses and drug addicts
we dedicate it to secretaries, alcoholics and schizophrenics
we dedicate it to the boys kissing boys
girls kissing girls
girls kissing boys
and everything in between
we dedicate it to anxiety attacks, hangovers, worried depression
and all the other necessary by-products of trying to live free
we dedicate it to any endeavour who's ultimate unreasonable goal is autonomy
self-determination or joy
we dedicate it to every prisoner in the world

Live at BBC Studio - Godspeed You! Black Emperor
From Internet Archive: Hung Over As The Queen In Maida Vale

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Escapism take II

I keep turning around, looking,
Fearing that lightning may strike
On my shoulder. Hiding in shades
Make faint presence, only suspicions
Enveloped in what is unfathomable.
Like circling an unlit room.
Toe tracing the floor for weighty reasons,
To bare the past and question about changed
That became unreasonable, unfamiliar.
Brood over all my lost times borrowed,
I am going back to Gondal, watch me fail.
Idling refuge, watch me fail.