Friday, 17 September 2010


It's not raining, indeed.
the buzz was someone's car
Coming back home late like the comic;
He had never prepared to bring a whore.
It's only 1:23 a.m.
It's not a good place actually.
3 minutes, really?
I even started to suspect
Is the thing even moving?
Without hands manned the machines and stuffs,
Without a single person,
Is my internet going to work?
What am I keep loading
the smell of apocalypse.
Without a single person is here tonight,
What is the livecam going to show?
Here is some blind advice—
We are no bugs,
We have eight legs.
But your insecticide was trying to kill.
Please sanitize the whole place,
We might need a mass funeral
For a greater good.
Look for big opened area
And keep jumping.
—Says our local hero.
Let's give us some hopes.

current listening:

Neptune - The Duke Spirit
Track: 007

Monday, 2 August 2010


I am building a great wall like China
With entirely rubbish like beer cans.
Hey don't, don't be alone!
It's only quarter hour to tomorrow.
Is my body emitting smokes
To make a cough like yours?
I used to pen these sounds,
When words trapped in my mouth.

It's not a party to shout about
Hearing the click of the cap;
It is all the time you loaned
For all the talks of commissions,
And children's mouths to mend.
I don't know which one would erode,
Maybe I shall halt.
Let's sync before we sleep.

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Fathom - Foxtail Somersault
Track: A Love Song Part 1