Monday, 16 June 2008

That Last Trip

Calvin packed all his love in a doubt,
Leaving all his paintings behind as tokens.
If you care for a slowdown
And decided to think about him
happily picking up land mines in Vietnam,
Limping, in whatever we might not want to know.

Bryan put his own trousers on fire,
Crowned with all his shimmering trophies.
Tonight is too hot for a slowdown,
He decided the end is the divider;
Where the other side is remained uncharted
Drive, the unknown worth to be discovered.

Judy shopped a basket full of potato chips
And all the beers of the dizzy light.
Praying for the surrounding to slowdown
In front of the holy altar of sacred flickers.
Her wrist bleeds a river of tears
Crimsoned that cool black remote control.

current listening:

I Love Your Glasses - Russian Red
Fav. Track: Just Like A Wall

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