Monday, 22 December 2008

She Who Roll the Drum

Only after you have left
Flying elsewhere I have forgotten to ask,
I wish I told you that—
You too look familiar to me.
Imprinting it to the back of my head
And search for a past-sign of acquaintance
Until those short lines of talks
Got shied and fainted away.
If I am to be in the same locus of awkwardness
Again, hope I am to do otherwise, differently.
Searching the distance where you were standing,
Maybe we'll just talk a little bit more next time.

current listening:

The BBC Sessions - Belle & Sebastian
Unreleased BBC bootleg: Seeing Other People


Gadis di Tepi Tingkap said...

Who's that lucky girl can make you rhyme like this? :p

ignis fatuus said...

Sibuk la ;p